Modular Process

Our process guides our clients from their initial contact through to completion. This process aligns with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) which allows us to dovetail our services and work seamlessly with other industry professionals.



This is the first step of our process where we gather basic information.

This includes the client’s requirements, information about the site and an initial discussion about programme & budget.

Modular can determine which stage of the process you are at. We can then advise what services you will need to take your project forward.

We prefer to meet with our clients and confirm details with an on-site consultation. Please contact us to get things started.



Stage 1 captures everything required to inform the design process to:

  • Define the function, feel & style of the landscape
  • Discuss and help guide budget
  • Assess maintenance Levels
  • Undertake a feasibility study
  • Agree project timelines



The Concept is used to translate the Brief into a spatially coordinated design.

At this stage we:

  • Arrange a topographical site survey
  • Create a Concept Design illustrating how the space will look and function
  • Prepare Visual communication (often including 3D Rendering & Animation)



The Scheme Design refines the Concept further to produce:

  • A refined GA with more detailed information for construction
  • Construction details and material specifications
  • The Planting Strategy



Stage 4 will produce the following information:

  • Construction details and interfaces between the material elements
  • Planting details and schedules
  • Co-ordination with specialist sub-contractors
  • Confirmation of Price & Programme



Stage 5 is when the landscape is constructed.

During this stage we:

  • Produce shop drawings and manufacturing details for on and off-site fabrication
  • Manage cost control, variations and Health & Safety
  • Liaise and co-ordinate sub contractors and third party consultants
  • Maintain and update the project programme



During Stage 6 we:

  • Ensure rigorous final quality control
  • Carry out snagging
  • Issue an Operations & Maintenance manual including plant care
  • Update information for the Health & Safety file



This is the continuing period when the beautifully designed and installed landscape is used and enjoyed.

Considered sustainable and biodiverse spaces increase their positive environmental impact with maturity.

A well-designed and maintained outdoor space will not only improve aesthetically over time but grow in value too.

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